Sunday, April 25, 2010

Riddle Corner Finale! (It's Funnier Then It Sounds. Read It!)

Well, the results are in. I have not gotten a single credible result and am just ending it now.
The answer was:

Label switches A, B, and C. Turn A and B on. Wait 5 minutes. Turn B off. Go upstairs and check. If it's A, the light will be on. If it's off, you can feel the light bulb. If it's B, the light bulb will still be warm. Otherwise, It's C.

However, this would not work so well because this is a green blog, so the light bulb is, of course, compact florescent. For those reddies (the opposite of green is red, so that's what I call people who aren't green) out there who don't know what that is, I referred to it in my Earth Day Sonnet as the swirly kind. It saves energy. However, it only becomes slightly warm, so that'd make it harder to tell.

Anyway, the closest response was:
when will u tell us im curios by anonymous

I know it's a question, not an answer, but it was the only response.

Congratulations anonymous!

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