Monday, April 12, 2010

Mile 1, Noah 0

On the day before spring break in P.E., we learned that the day we got back, we would run the mile. I am not very in-shape, so I dread the mile. So I kept dreading that day after spring break.

But it rained. It rained so that the field was wet, and we were going to run the 20-minute instead. I was ecstatic (20 minute has more freedom to walk and rest).

We normally go around the blacktop. On that day we had a different course. It went around and in front of the school.

I knew I went much slower then usual. I wanted to compare the time to my normal 20 minute time. I asked a teacher how long this was compared to the normal course. He didn't tell me that it was, say, 3 blacktops long. He said, "It's about 2 and a half laps."

I had gone exactly that.

Darn mile.


  1. hahahaha! Noah this is hilarious :D do you have Mr. Hughes? I agree the 20 is way easier than the actual mile. Which did you like better: running around the basketball courts or around the school?

  2. hahahaha! This is hilarious Noah :) I agree running the 20 is so much easier than the actual mile (even if they do both lead to the same thing :P) Cool blog! :)
    -Megan G

  3. To answer your question:
    The school, because then the teachers are more spread out and they can't see if you are walking for parts!