Friday, April 16, 2010

Are you a procrastinator?

Don't worry. It's actually a good thing! Here's 10 phrases and reasons why:
  1. Don't do today what you can put of until tomorrow.
  2. Do it tomorrow, when you (possibly) have more time.
  3. Do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes! (That way you don't have to do it at all).
  4. If you do it now, you'll spend more needless time on it and have less time for fun than if you scrunch it all into the last minute.
  5. It's not due tomorrow. You still have time.
  6. If you are #1 at procrastinating, you may get a medal!
  7. Doing work promptly and on time is so old-school.
  8. You'll never have to keep working at a hard job.
  9. They wouldn't call it Procrastinate if it wasn't good, right.
  10. Give it another name. Call it waiting for a golden opportunity. It sound's much better.
So there you have it! Now go out there and procrasina- ah, I don't have to finish this until later.

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