Monday, April 26, 2010


(This story has some material that may have a misconception. The punchline was a joke. No feelings were hurt in the process of this story. Also, I will be starting a new story subsection called Pwned! where I post when I have snappy, funny comebacks. This is the first edition of this section. Enjoy.)

I was talking with a teacher. Last week, he promised to look at my blog. He forgot. He promised to look Thursday night. He didn't. Finally, on Friday, we made a deal.

"If I (teacher) don't look at your (me, Noah) blog by Monday, I will bring you a piece of chocolate from a great place with the best milk chocolate you'll ever taste."

Naturally, I wanted him to not look at my blog. I waited. And waited. Monday soon came around.

He didn't look. He also forgot the chocolate.

He said he'll bring the chocolate, but he didn't think he should promise to look anymore. He said it was making him a bad role model, not keeping promised.

"Don't worry. You're not a role model to me."

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