Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Foobini the Marshmallow

I make a strip called Foobini the marshmallow. I am thinking about posting some good strips here. This strip is the first one. In the future, I will be scanning in the strips, so they will look better. The introductory strips are not as good as I would like them to be. I will discuss the characters here so I don't have to introduce them.

Foobini: The Main character and a marshmallow. He is critical of the strip

Pretzel: Foobini's best friend

Abe Lincoln, the Penny: Foobini's second best friend

Noah: Me. The creator of the strip and a stick figure.

Zneffella: Originally a critic, he is very hateful of the strip and evil. He starts out as my stuffed bunny who I talk to, then he responds and criticizes my work.

Bad Milk: A carton of spoiled milk who thinks he's "bad".

Kate the Marshmallow: Foobini's girlfriend.

Erzel: Kate's star trek obsessed geek brother

Joe: Kate's boring dad

Andrew the intellectual peanut: A smart British peanut.

Andrew: My friend, the peanuts namesake and a crazy cocreator (just in the strip) of FTM.

Ulysses Matzoh: A piece of Matzoh who is like a surfer dude

The Elephraternity: A fraternity of drunk elephants

Bob the Hobo teddy bear: Just what he sounds like

Boothe: A voting booth determined to assassination Abe the penny

More to come!

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  1. how did u get the strip on there.