Foobini Character Guide

Okay, I have decided to add a guide to the characters with pics and in depth descriptions so people know more and don't have to keep looking back to strip 1.

Hi. My name is Foobini Marshmallow. Middle name: The. I do not like the strip, but, hey, who else would hire a talking marshmallow? Noah's okay. Sure, he draws badly. Okay, he makes bad jokes. Yeah, maybe I've tried to kill him once or twice. But he gives me the paycheck. Pretzel and Abe are my buds. I'd be nothing without them. Kate's my girl, but I'm not so sure it's working out. But I just can't picture her with bad milk. Ugh. Well, to be or not to be, right? Oh wait. Wrong quote.

Yo. Pretz here. I'm Pretzel, but Foob (Foobini) calls me Pretz. I am sometimes smart and sometimes stupid (or so Noah tells me; I don't read the strip). Foob's my main man. I'd be still sittin' in the back of that cabinet without him. We made a plan for escape and we were out. I don't like being the sidekick, but, hey, I take what I can get.
I am Abraham Lincoln, the Penny. My friends call me Abe Link. Do I like being the second sidekick, only used in jokes needing three people? No. But Foob's my friend, and I am a loyal friend. Sometimes I feel like the only sane one around here. All the others are crazy. Oh, well. At least I'm not drawn as badly as Pretzel.

Okay, so I may not be the one out there in the real world writing this thing. Foobini hates me. I can't draw for my life. And my ego is out of control ( I put myself in my own strips (in over half)? I must have an ego bigger then Stephan Pastis with his new 20,000,000 Pearls Fans Can't Be Wrong book cover. But I enjoy being me and am waiting for the fans to swarm.

I hate the strip. Call me Zneffella. I WAS Noah's stuffed bunny. He shared his most inner strip thoughts with me. He told me so much, I became a character. Not only do I hate the strip, I hate the world. I feel that the world would be a much better place if I was the only one.  How I got stuck in this mess I'll never know. Does anyone know any hiring strips looking for critical stuffed rabbits?

I am bad. Bad, bad, bad. Well, technically I'm expired. But a synonym for that is bad. I am bad to the lactose. See my butterfly sticker? See my trike. I like to pretend they're a tattoo and a motorcycle. So come. Join me. Be bad.

Kate's the name. I'm Foob's Girlfriend. Not much to me. A boring dad. A geeky bro. An annoying boyfriend. I need to find a new strip.

Helloio. I am Andrew, Intellectual Peanut. I am the smart, British-sounding one in the strip. I am half of real life Andrew. He is half crazy human and half smart, British peanut. I am the smart, British peanut half if you didn't guess. Foobini's OK. I like the strip (I'm one of the few who do). Well, that's all I have to say. Cheerio!

 Last but not least (Noah's leaving out the minors) I am Andrew. EXPLOSION! I am crazy and say explosion a lot. EXPLOSION. In the strip, I soon become co-creator of the strip. EXPLOSION. That's it. BIG EXPLOSION.