Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Sonnet

I am a poet. I am going to start also posting poetry. We are doing sonnets in English class, so I decided to write one for Earth Day. The rhythm has 2 wrong things, so bear with me. Here it goes:

The ozone layer is being destroyed
The ice caps melting at increasing rate
This is a problem that we can avoid
If we don't want to meet this deadly fate

If we don't stop this crisis soon enough
Then surely the world will begin to end
The earth shall die; it's really not so tough
To save our earth our ways we need to mend.

We change our light bulbs to the swirly kind
And we must switch to solar power too
We stop killing the forests that we find
To keep this world alive for me and you

So we must learn to change our ways to green
To keep our earth the nicest ever seen

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