Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Praise To All The Sites I Deem Cool

I can't think of a post today, and I don't want to be cheap (again) and do a picture of a post. So, I thought I'd tell all my readers some good sites to go to.

Playcrafter: An easy game making site. It allows people to make and play games that YOU can make. The best creator: Edgewing. It's easy! Just sign up!

Facebook: Another great site. Meet up with old friends.

Flipnote Hatena: A website to show flipnotes made on the DSi. I am on there, but I won't give away my Username. Some flipnotes are awesome. Best creators: Boss and Gizmo (My friend, but he really is the #2 American creator!)

The 39 clues: A site based off of an awesome book series (read them) where you can do missions, find which section you are, enter contests, and play games!

XKCD: A cool, funny online comic (not suitable for minors)

Blogger: You are here. Create your own blog!

Demitri martin/comedy central: A funny comedian who had some videos online. (Some not suitable for minors.

Andrewdutcher.com : My friend's site. Just posting it here.

Visit now! Thanks for reading!

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