Saturday, May 1, 2010

FTM: Pretzel's Vacation P6: Life In a Comic Strip

Ah, A new month. I like to start of a month with good ol' Foobini. The new idea I used in this one was I: a. Added a space in the bottom for speech bubbles and b. Made the trash can go across all the panels. Aside from that, this is a joke on comic strips. One minute they're in the trash, the next they're out, and the next (next strip) they're home talking about how peanuts have feeling. It's crazy. Anyway, as I said, in over a week I will post another 3 days of Foobini with Pretzel's Vacation P7: I'm Home! And I brought you a peanut! and then FTM: Panel line parts 1 and 2. Enjoy the strip!

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