Monday, June 28, 2010

Daft in a Raft

My grandparents (from the kumquat story) just got a new raft. So, while me and my cousin Kayla were at their house, we thought it'd be fun to use.

We didn't know how horribly, terribly wrong we were.

It started off nice. A little slow, I have to admit. But then me and my cousin decided to jump off and swim along.

I jumped off, then she next. The water was freezing cold! We immediately tried to get out. But there was one problem: No ladder, no rope, no anything. And for me: No upper body strength.

After about 5 minutes of hanging off the side of the raft, my cousin got up. I was stuck on the side, still unable to pull my self up.

My grandma and cousin pulled to no avail. The rope on the side (there was one rope hanging across) did no help at all except keep me from going off the edge.

It took me over a half hour until I could get back up.

Moral of the story: I will never go in a raft again.

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  1. Oh Noah, you'll always be strong to me!